When to Customize Your Fireplace Mantel

Your fireplace is often the heart as well as focal point of your home. Regardless of your design tastes, size or type of fireplace, most people are immediately drawn to the fireplace upon entering your home. This is why having a mantel capable of reflecting your own sense of style is important.

At SoCal Fireplace Mantels, we understand that our customers’ needs and styles change over time. We are well stocked with the materials and have design staff necessary to give life to your dreams. This is why we are a leader in custom fireplace mantels.

While you may love the current look of your fireplace mantel, chances are that if you live in the same place for an extended period of time, you may feel the need to change or update your fireplace.

Sometimes it is difficult to know when you should customize your mantel. Here are a few ways to tell if your mantel needs a change.

• You see signs of structural failing. We really cannot stress this enough; if you see significant damage to the integrity of your mantel or fireplace, you need to take action. This is far beyond cosmetic and could lead to costly and potentially dangerous issues.

• You are remodeling or redecorating the area near your fireplace. Nothing says ‘outdated’ like a maple colonial mantel in a room filled with furnishings. While many people do not make such extreme changes to their style of décor, be mindful of the overall look of the space you are creating. If you are someone who enjoys swapping out design styles frequently, talk with one of SoCal’s interior design experts. There may be a transitional design you love capable of fitting into several different styles.

• You are not interested in the things you once enjoyed about your fireplace. If you find yourself dreading decorating the mantel for the holidays, or if you no longer want to curl up in front of a fire with loved ones, it is likely your mantel needs to change.

Whatever your reason for customizing your mantel, our experts at SoCal Fireplace Mantels can help guide you through the process smoothly.