When to Choose a Rustic Fireplace Mantel

When to Choose a Rustic Fireplace MantelFireplaces can be beautiful centerpieces to any room. Too often, however, fireplaces that go unused for most of the year may not get shown off in the way that they should be. The best solutions to help make your fireplaces stand out are eye catching fireplace surrounds. There are many different kinds of fireplace surrounds and mantels but one of the most popular types is mantels with rustic looks. When a fire is sizzling in a fireplace, it often brings rustic, backwoods, cabin-style thoughts and feelings into many people’s minds. Rustic fireplace mantels help bring out these sensations even more.

Natural stone is perfect for creating a rustic looking fireplace mantel. Our natural stone rustic mantels are sure to compliment any room that features a fireplace. Our natural stone mantels and surrounds come in a variety of different colors and textures to match the décor of any room.

Cast stone is also great for creating a rustic look. Our cast stone rustic fireplace mantels have smooth lines and flowing features that create a more elegant rustic feel perfect for a business setting. Cast stone can be carved in a variety of ways to create rustic mantels that appeal to many different tastes.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, custom fireplace mantels are also available. Pick out the color, texture, and design to build a rustic mantel that will perfectly match your room, décor, and personal style.

Rustic fireplace mantels and surrounds are a great way to make your fireplace the centerpiece of any room or office and create the feeling of warmth you are looking for.

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