What are the Characteristics of Rustic Fireplace Mantels?

When you are looking to place emphasis on the comfort and feel of your home or office fireplace, you might benefit from choosing a fireplace mantel with a more rustic type theme. Rustic themes can help with the overall ambiance and glow of any room.

Rustic fireplace mantels are designed to help you and your guests focus on the warmth and comfort of the fire within the fireplace while boosting the overall comfort of the entire room. This can be achieved through the use of simple design features or the use of more primitive materials. Color can also play a role in achieving the look you want, with deeper browns and dull reds offering warmth and glow.

Choosing a rustic look for your fireplace mantel is not only reserved for those wishing to have a basic, primitive look. Those who are looking for a lodge atmosphere or who prefer the design of the new cabin chic will appreciate a fireplace mantel with a more rustic appearance.

Visit our show room of custom fireplace mantels in Los Angeles to check out the available selection of mantels to suit the needs of your room with a rustic look and feel. In the event that you cannot find a mantel to fit the style you are looking for, our experienced designers are available to help you create a custom design option to fit your home or office fireplace mantel needs.

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