Types of Modern Fireplace Mantels

The fireplace mantel is often the focal point of a room, so it is important that your mantel reflect your personal style as it helps to set the tone of your home. Because it is so prominent, the fireplace mantel is a design feature that you will want to choose good quality materials and take your time considering design options.

If you are someone who embraces a modern aesthetic in your home, adding a modern fireplace mantel is an excellent way to add interest and make a strong statement in your home. While some modern designs are bold; this does not mean that you cannot have a contemporary yet understated look. Our design experts can assist you when it is time to choose a new mantel.

There are some common design threads which connect modern fireplace mantels.

• Clean lines- A modern fireplace mantel will have straightforward and uncluttered design lines. You will not usually find intricate or detailed ornamentation carved into a modern mantel. Minimalism expresses itself in mantels with extremely clean lines.

• Geometric shapes- Whether the forms are spherical or rectangular, strong geometric lines are another hallmark of the modern mantel.

• Metallics- While modern fireplace mantel design frequently uses a variety of materials, a sleek metal mantel and surround is the embodiment of a modern home. Burnished, high gloss, or textured all these finishes work wonderfully in this style.

• Mixed materials- Often we see a mixture of metal, stone, and wood in modern fireplace mantel design. The elements combine wonderfully in modern mantels. Monochromatic or contrasting designs can make mantels into powerful statement pieces.

• Unique positioning- Many of us are used to a fireplace dominating the center of the focal wall in a room. Modern design techniques free us from the predictable and allow for variety in the placement of contemporary fireplace mantels. Elevated fireplaces, fireplaces tucked into corners or on small walls, and fireplaces used as room dividers are all examples of creative modern stylings.

Our expert designers can show you fabulous options in modern fireplace mantels. Ultimately, the perfect modern fireplace mantel is the one which makes you feel most comfortable and enhances the look of your whole room.

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