Stone Fireplace Mantels and How to Clean Them

Stone Fireplace Mantels and How to Clean ThemKeeping your custom fireplace mantel clean is key to preserving its look long into the future. While stone is among the most durable and long-lasting mantel materials, it can still become dirty and stained if neglected. Here is how to keep these mantels clean.

Dust Regularly

If allowed to accumulate, dust can settle in crannies and cracks on a dust mantel and eventually cause stains. To avoid pushing dust into hard-to-reach areas, use a feather duster or a static-cling duster to clear dust away from your mantel. Areas that require wiping can be addressed with a water-dampened white rag.

Clean Away Heavier Grime

Dirt that has already built up on your stone mantel should be eliminated with a mild cleaning solution. With a soft-bristled brush or soft white rag, scrub at the dirty areas with a small amount of water to avoid soaking the stone. Never use acid- or alkaline-based cleaners, which can damage the stone.

Eliminate Stains

Stains can often be removed from stone fireplace mantels with a mild solution of water and baking soda. After applying a small amount of the solution to the stained area, leave it to sit overnight and then rinse it with a soft white rag dampened with plain water. In some cases, a cleaning eraser may suffice instead.

Overall, stone mantels may require less maintenance to stay in good shape. However, you can best preserve these mantels with a proactive cleaning approach. You can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels to learn more about cleaning these and other fireplace mantels.

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