Rustic Fireplace Mantel Designs

Rustic Fireplace Mantel DesignsHomeowners who want a simpler, less extravagant mantel may want to consider rustic fireplace mantels. These mantels offer a cozy, laid-back frame for the fireplace that fits perfectly into many living rooms. A look at the materials and design of these mantels can give buyers a better idea of whether this is the option for them.

Country Style

Many rustic mantels exemplify what one might expect to find in a simple home in the countryside. For example, a cabin in the mountains is more likely to have a warm, inviting look than a refined, classical motif.


Compared to ornate types of mantels, rustic mantels are more likely to have less complex designs. Carvings, for example, are less likely to be found in this style. This can fit well in an equally minimalistic living room furnished with natural materials, but it can also offer a muted addition to a space so that other aspects of the room command attention.

Unfinished Materials

A variety of unfinished materials, such as stone, metal and wood, are often found in rustic mantels. Some of these mantels include re-purposed materials, such as wood from railroad ties. This rough look easily complements the simpler decoration associated with country homes.

Living rooms vary from one home to another, and the perfect mantel differs accordingly. Many homeowners prefer to mix and match elements of their favorite mantel styles for a look that is just right for them. Homeowners can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels to learn more about features of our rustic mantels and other designs.

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