Pros and Cons of Getting Custom Fireplaces

Pros and Cons of Getting Custom FireplacesFireplaces are an essential part of any home, so picking the right one can be a very significant decision. There are a number of pre-designed fireplace mantels from which to choose, but many people prefer the freedom of expression that custom fireplaces provide. When deciding which texture, color, and designs work best with your room, there are some pros and cons of custom fireplace design that you may want to keep in mind.


The biggest advantage of getting a custom fireplace is that your options are nearly endless. If you would like to mix and match styles, then custom fireplaces are the way to go. For example, natural stone, such as marble, tends to convey a sense of antiquity. However, it can elicit a completely different feeling if a modern approach with sleek lines and clean angles is utilized. You can pick from a variety of textures, colors, engravings, and designs to make a truly unique custom fireplace. The only real limit with a custom fireplace is your own imagination.


The biggest disadvantage of getting a custom fireplace is actually the same as the advantage. Some people unfortunately do not feel comfortable mixing and matching styles. For these people, pre-designed models fit better into their sense of style. Sometimes being able to see exactly what you are getting, as opposed to working in the abstract with a custom design, can be liberating in itself. It is very much in the eye of the beholder for which approach is preferred.

If you are looking at custom fireplaces in Los Angeles, remember to start small with your ideas and build out from there. It is also useful to speak with a fireplace design expert to make sure that your final fireplace will mesh well with the rest of the surroundings in your home.

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