Modern Types of Fireplace Mantels

Modern Types of Fireplace MantelsFireplaces are found in innumerable places and styles, and fireplace mantels have followed suit in terms of their design. Modern fireplace mantels come in both contemporary and more old-fashioned styles, creating options for any home. Here is a look at the modern possibilities many homeowners are choosing.

Contemporary Designs

Contemporary fireplace mantels, like modern homes, often draw from multiple architectural styles throughout many regions and historical periods. In many cases, modern home styles also employ a clean look of simplicity. Mantels for modern fireplaces are available to satisfy all of these needs. While luxurious mantels with complex designs and numerous materials are available for an old-fashioned look, minimalistic mantels with distinctive post-modern design principles are also possible.

Modern Materials

Our fireplace mantels can be constructed from an array of materials, some traditional and some more contemporary, for use with modern designs. Marble and sandstone, both durable options ideal for use in fireplaces, are among the most popular. These materials also lend themselves to many different styles thanks to their broad palettes of colors and ease of shaping. Other resources, such as wood and metal, can also be used to give modern mantels a unique look fit for stylish, up-to-date homes.

The best mantel for your fireplace will fit the decor surrounding it. By considering the architecture, ambience, and other aspects of your living space, our fireplace designers can develop custom fireplace mantels that meet and exceed your expectations. You can schedule a consultation to learn more about our contemporary fireplace mantels and discuss options for your home.

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