How to Choose Your Fireplace Mantel

How to Choose Your Fireplace MantelWhen deciding on a fireplace mantel, it is important to have a clear idea in your head as to what you are trying to achieve with the room as a whole. Not only are fireplace mantels often the centerpiece of any room, they are also usually placed in very prominent rooms. Many families have fireplaces in their dining room, living room, or master bedroom. That is why choosing the right fireplace mantel can be so important.

The traditional style goes very well in a formal dining room. Think of designs that will go well with your formal dining wear. Natural marble lends a very elegant look to the room. Marble can be sculpted to have very intricately crafted columns, flowing vines, and jewel-like designs. It can also be made to have more subtle features, if desired.

The modern style is defined by sleek lines and geometric patterns. Less is often more with the modern design. Instead of elaborate carvings, the mantel may have a unique, triangular design. When somebody is trying to make a statement with a modern fireplace mantel, it is usually by selecting a bright color or an odd shape, as opposed to adding more flourishes. Both natural stone and cast stone can work well in this type of style. Modern fireplaces are perfect in a new home or a downtown loft.

The rustic style is one that seeks to mimic the design patterns of nature. Earthen tones and natural elements abound, such as the use of bricks and stones. This style is often seen in places like a ski lodge or a log cabin in the woods.

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