Fireplace Remodel Tips

Fireplace Remodel TipsEven when you find the perfect fireplace mantel that suits your tastes and your home decor, there may be other times when you wish to change the appearance of your mantel. Rather than replace your mantel each time you wish to have a new look, you should consider some temporary decorating ideas to redecorate your mantel. This is especially beneficial for special holidays, the changing seasons, or whenever you would like to experience a fresh new look.

When redecorating your fireplace mantel, it is important that you keep the stone protected from damage. Hard items displayed on top can chip, nick, or scratch the surface. Containers that hold liquid may sweat or spill, resulting in permanent stains. Keep your mantel protected with waterproof mats under any items placed on the top.

When changing out decorations that hang from your fireplace mantel, avoid sticky substances, such as tape or other adhesives. Sticky residue may be hard to remove and can leave oily stains that are difficult to remove. Do not use nails or screws in your mantel to hang items, as these will leave holes and may result in cracking or chipping if not installed properly. Either have an experienced professional install any necessary hardware, or place hardware into the wall at each side of your mantel in order to hang items from one side of the mantel to the other.

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, turn to SoCal Fireplace Mantels for more ideas on a Fireplace remodel in Los Angeles.

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