Find The Perfect Cast Stone Mantel

find-the-perfect-cast-stone-mantelNothing says ambiance quite like a cozy fireplace. If you are looking to spruce up your living area with a unique and beautiful focal point, you may consider investing in a cast stone mantel. There are several things you should consider when picking out a mantel piece. Luckily, we have many styles, cuts, and colors available at SO CAL Fireplace Mantels to make your fireplace as beautiful as it is functional.

When looking for your new mantel, you should have a few concepts in mind. First, it is important to determine your mantel’s purpose. If you intend to display family photos or decorations, sizing and dimensions can make all the difference. It is crucial to know the measurements of your space to avoid a mantel that is too overpowering. Modern spaces may require a mantel that is subtle and sleek. Cast stone has many benefits; one being it can be transformed more easily than natural stone to take on a variety of complementary designs. Today, the color-matching of cast stone is very similar to other natural alternatives. In some ways, the consistency of cast stone creates a more polished finish than natural stone. Customers often bring in carpet and paint samples to get a realistic idea of how a new fireplace will accentuate their living room. Depending on the style of your home, we have a variety of unique mantels with sophisticated attributes. Our experts are dedicated to making sure your beautiful, new mantel is the first thing people notice when they step into your home.

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