Features of British Colonial Fireplaces

Few design styles have the dramatic impact of British Colonial style. It is a style woven throughout centuries of the British Empire’s global colonization. Because the extent of the Empire’s reach, numerous elements of indigenous styles are integral parts of the overall look of the genre.

A British Colonial fireplace by SoCal Fireplace Mantels will give your home a timeless elegance that you can trace back for many centuries. Because of the variety of design elements which are British Colonial, you will have a custom look that you will welcome in your home.

While there is an amount of latitude built into the British Colonial design style, there are several design hallmarks of this era which include:

• The British Empire sought to convey the image of strength and features such as fireplace mantels are perfect focal points to make such statements. Rectangular and square geometric shapes are frequently a part of the British Colonial fireplace. It is not unusual for a British Colonial fireplace to dominate a room. Our custom design experts will work with you to help you discover which details of the period suit your taste and your home.

• A British Colonial fireplace and mantel traditionally are, at least in part, a dark rich wood like mahogany. If you prefer different materials for your fireplace, SoCal Fireplace Mantels can create a custom design that has the British Colonial style, without including wood.

• A theme throughout the entirety of British Colonial design is a consistent contrast between light or white backdrops and dark wood-toned accents. Fireplaces are not an exception; your fireplace design would still be a fitting representation of the period if brilliant white marble or similar material is a part of the design.

• British Colonial fireplaces were typically impressively tall, at least as often as space permitted. This decorating aspect may be something you find appealing. Whether you prefer a design which fills your wall or something on a smaller scale, our designers will help you create the perfect British Colonial fireplace.

Once you have shared your vision with our staff, we here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels will do what is necessary to bring your ideas to life, in your new British Colonial fireplace.