Distinguishing the Different Fireplace Mantel Types

Distinguishing the Different Fireplace Mantel TypesWhen it comes to designing your home, a fireplace can set the tone for not just a living room, but for the entire house. There are many choices you can make regarding the style, look, and feel you wish to achieve. First, you can focus on the material you wish to use. Here are some common materials you might consider.

• Wood: A wooden mantel is not only the most common type of mantel, but also the most affordable. Due to the nature of wood, it can be carved and manipulated to create the look you want. It can also be painted and/or stained, making it the top choice for any specific detailing and coloring you might want.

• Brick: Brick is perfect for a traditional country or home-style look. Similar to other rustic fireplace mantels, the color and structure will make your fireplace stand out. You have the choice of color and type of brick. Due to the weight, however, you will likely need additional support.

• Stone or rock: River rock, granite, concrete, and limestone, as well as other similar materials can give your living space a clean and serene feel.

• Marble: Marble fireplace mantels are for those who wish for a classy, very modern look. Marble is known for its longevity and it durability.

• Metal: Metal can offer both a contemporary or historical vibe, depending on its surroundings.

There is also detailing to consider. For example, if you go with a wooden mantel, are you looking for something detailed? Some have chosen flowing carved patterns for the sides and tops, while others like a sleeker look.

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