Different Uses for Fireplace Hearths

Different Uses for Fireplace HearthsFireplace hearths in Orange County can be used to refer to just the inner portion of your fireplace or may include the visible decorative portion that surrounds your fireplace as well.

Traditionally, the fireplace hearth referred to the area within the fireplace where the fire actually burns. This area covers the walls and floor inside of the fireplace and extends into the room on the floor and sometimes the sides as well. The thickness and dimensions of the hearth, and how far it extends into the room must meet safety regulations of your area.

An external fireplace hearth can be built in a room where you wish to install an additional heat source such as a wood-burning stove where you have no actual fireplace. In these cases, the hearth would be composed of the floor and the wall areas closest to the wood burning stove. Hearth dimensions and material used should meet recommended safety regulations for the best protection.

Some people consider the mantel and surround to be a part of the hearth. A mantel can be used to prominently display collectibles or may be decorated for seasons or special events.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels, a leading provider of fireplace mantels in Orange County, has quality hearths to choose from. Whether you are looking to meet safety standards of your actual hearth, or wish to replace the outer portions of the hearth, such as the mantel and surround, you can find what you are looking for.

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