Decorating Fireplace Mantels

Decorating Fireplace MantelsWhen it comes to furnishing your home, the type of fireplace mantel that you choose offers you the chance to really show off your distinctive personality. Likewise, just as important is how you decorate your fireplace mantel.

The classic approach is to display photos of your family members. Some people prefer to keep these photos as current as possible, while others find comfort in focusing on a certain era, such as infancy, childhood, or graduation. The frames you choose can also make a big difference. Choosing standard black frames convey a far different sensibility than frames created by a local artist that you purchased from a craft fair. Hanging a mirror or a clock above the mantel are other great examples of a classic decoration idea for your mantel.

In addition to those, some people take a seasonal approach. When it is Thanksgiving time, votives that mimic the changing of the leaves surrounding a cornucopia can be a nice touch. During Christmas, stockings and snowmen are always a hit. Flowers fit in any time of year, but you may want to display flowers that are in season at that particular moment. Creating a specific environment is a similar type of approach. Seashells, driftwood, and starfish can give your fireplace mantel a beach vibe that is highly desirable.

Literary aficionados may wish to convert their mantel into a bookshelf displaying the works of their favorite writers. Some may even display a painting or a photograph of a particularly beloved author. Indeed, there are endless ways fireplace mantels can be decorated.

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