Choosing the Type of Fireplace Mantel

fireplace mantelsWhen furnishing a room, it is always a good idea to give special consideration to the type of fireplace mantel that you want to choose for your fireplace. After all, the fireplace mantel is what gives the fireplace its distinct personality.

Modern fireplace mantels are especially popular nowadays. A modern design can be thought of as one that employs smooth lines and geometric shapes to make a statement. There are no frills such as elaborate carvings or super ornate designs associated with this style. Either natural stone or cast stone can be used in this type of design, depending on your preference. And strong colors like black, white, and red are often used.

A rustic fireplace mantel attempts to recreate the feeling of the outdoors in the comfort of your own living room. Cast stone set in earthen tones is a common theme. Making the mantel look like it could be constructed of rocks found along a scenic pond is a typical approach.

A traditional fireplace mantel usually utilizes carvings or designs to tastefully hearken back to antiquity. The intricacy of the carvings or designs is up to you, but usually the mantel is set in neutral color tones.

Customized fireplace mantels are another option to pursue if you feel like mixing and matching a little bit from each of the styles. Elements that you can play around with are texture, color, shape, material, and furnishings. A lot of personality can also be added to a fireplace mantel by the decorations with which you choose to surround it.

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