Best Type of Fireplace Mantel for Your House

Best Type of Fireplace Mantel for Your HouseIf you are thinking about remodeling your fireplace, you may want to consider what new changes will go with your home and its current style. Different materials and designs work better within certain looks.

Some materials for your fireplace mantel include:

• Brick, for a traditional, rustic look
• Stone or rock, which are sleek and modern
• Tile, which provides many different options (color, shape, etc.)
• Marble, for a very modern, textured look
• Wood, which can be carved and manipulated for specific designs
• Metal, for a contemporary, minimalist look

What materials, decorations, and styles do you have in your home, currently? Those with high, wooden ceilings and earthy colors would match well with brick, or other rustic fireplace mantels. Rock, stone, or marble fireplace mantel materials are complementary with homes featuring cooler colors, and go well with a more serene vibe. Tile comes in many different shapes and colors. For example, you can choose a grey or black tile if your furniture and finishings are darker, or you can choose lighter colors, such as a soft red or brown if your home has light hard wood floorings. Wooden furniture goes well with brick, tile and light colored stone.

The different areas of your house can have an effect on your choices, as well. For example, fireplaces in living rooms are usually large, and will therefore require more material and upkeep, as well as act as a focal point to the room, and sometimes the whole floor of your home. Other rooms, such as bedrooms, libraries, and studies, sometimes have a different style or require a different look.

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