Benefits of Having Fireplace Hearths

Benefits of Having Fireplace HearthsSometimes the words “hearth” and “mantel” are used interchangeably when discussing the components of a fireplace. However, these two terms actually refer to two very different areas. Whereas the mantel consists of the area above and outside of the actual fireplace, the hearth is the area that is actually inside of the fireplace and extends for a certain distance inside of the room. The hearth is required by law to be in place for safety reasons and offers benefits to the owner of the fireplace.

The hearth is made to be heat-resistant and offers protection to the home from any fires that are burned inside. As it extends into the room on the sides and the floor, it is used to protect the inside of the home from any smoke or burning embers that may be flung out of the fireplace. The fireplace hearth also keeps the majority of soot and grime inside of the designated area. A hearth is a great place to hold any fireplace tools, as well.

By law, the hearth must meet certain guidelines in size and structure. Since each area has different requirements, it is important to check the local guidelines for your hearth. If you are looking to upgrade or replace your Fireplace hearth in Los Angeles, turn to SoCal Fireplace Mantels for quality service that you can trust. We always keep up on the local regulations to make sure that your new hearth will be up to code in order to provide you and your family with the safety that you need.

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