Why Use a Fireplace Hearth?

Why Use a Fireplace Hearth?The hearth of a fireplace once referred strictly to the inner walls of the space, but it is now also sometimes used in reference to the mantel. The benefits of having a hearth for your fireplace include safety and legality, as well as decoration. These are each important reasons to add a hearth to your living space.

Maintaining Safety

A fireplace can reach very high temperatures, so special materials are necessary to protect the home from fire. This is the key reason for having a hearth, which is normally made of brick or stone.

Keeping Your Fireplace Legal

Fire codes generally include specifications for fireplace hearth design. In addition to listing allowed materials, these codes tend to specify how deep the hearth should be from front to back. This reflects another important role of the hearth: keeping embers from flying out of the fireplace and causing an uncontrolled fire.

Opportunity for Decoration

A variety of bricks and stone can be used for hearths, expanding the decorative options fireplace owners enjoy. Light colors, dark colors, and combinations can be used for a distinct look. Furthermore, the hearth can be designed to match the outer mantel perfectly.

Custom fireplace mantels can be enhanced by pairing with matching fireplace hearths. With an array of materials and virtually unlimited design choices, our company can provide the right hearth for any space. You can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels to schedule a consultation and learn more about our services, including our hearths.

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