Why to Customize Your Fireplace Mantel

Why to Customize Your Fireplace MantelCustomizing your fireplace mantel is the way to go if you want the most freedom in designing your mantel. You can pick and choose what you like about different styles and incorporate these elements into your customized design. You can also choose to design a totally unique mantel that is rooted in nothing more than your own inspiration. In either case, knowing the elements that you have at your disposal can help you determine a way forward with your design.

One of the elements that you will get to play around with is the material that is used in the design. Cast stone is durable and easily molded into interesting designs and carvings. Natural stone, like marble or limestone, lends a more refined aesthetic to the room. A higher level of maintenance is required with natural stone, though.

The modern style emphasizes straight lines, geometric patterns, and sleek finishes. The rustic style focuses on earthen tones, incorporating elements of the outdoors, and a quaint feel. Customizing allows you to mash these elements up into a hybrid that is uniquely your own. For instance, a triangular mantel that is made to look like it is comprised of stones found along a lakefront.

The way your mantel is carved and decorated can also add another layer of customization. For example, you can integrate stone gargoyles onto each side of your mantel, or have one side jut out and the other side jut in. The choice is all yours.

If you would like assistance with your design, contact our expert in custom fireplaces in Orange County for more information.

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