Where to Use Wrought Iron Fireplace Doors

Where to Use Wrought Iron Fireplace DoorsDoors are among the elements you can choose when you are shopping for a new fireplace mantel. Among mantel doors, wrought iron ones are easily among the most popular. Wrought iron fireplace doors offer decorative and practical value and go well with virtually any mantel design. Below, you will see some of the situations in which these doors can be a top choice.

Minimalist or Elaborate Decorative Tastes

Either of these decorative styles will be complemented by the right wrought iron mantel doors. Wrought iron can be shaped and welded into a virtually unlimited list of designs, including simple ones and more complex types. Wrought iron can be bent, twisted, and otherwise manipulated to produce special features for your fireplace mantel, whatever style it may be.

Practical Interests

Wrought iron is heavy and durable, making it ideal for larger fireplaces and family homes. While wrought iron conducts heat well, ensuring good energy efficiency in the house, it will also withstand countless years in front of a large, roaring fire. The heaviness of wrought iron can keep embers inside and help prevent animals or children from getting to the fire behind the mantel doors.

Whether you are interested in a traditional or contemporary fireplace mantel, wrought iron can work well as your mantel door material. A custom fireplace mantel can be enhanced with one-of-a-kind wrought iron mantel doors. To learn more about our wrought iron mantel door options, homeowners can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels and speak with an expert.

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