Where to Use Faux Fireplace Mantels

Where to Use Faux Fireplace MantelsThe ambience of a fireplace can be a welcome addition to any home, but a fireplace is not necessarily desired or feasible in every room. For these situations, faux fireplace mantels can be a fantastic choice. Here are some of the places to use a faux mantel instead of an actual fireplace.

Where A Fireplace Cannot or Will Not Be Used

There are many places where a fireplace would be a welcome design element except that a fire is not desirable. For example, an office foyer or a grand bedroom may benefit from a glorious mantel, but the costs and labor associated with a fire may be less ideal there. Having a faux mantel in these settings lets you take advantage of the many styles of rustic, contemporary and custom mantels without installing a chimney and related architectural elements.

Where Mantel Functionality Is Desired

A mantel can provide significant value beyond strictly decoration. Artwork and photographs can be displayed over the mantel, and the mantel itself can serve as a centerpiece for gatherings. Furthermore, a well-designed mantel can balance decorative elements elsewhere in the space or help draw attention to the area where it is installed.

A faux mantel can be designed to express virtually any style preference, including old-fashioned and more modern options. Our designers can even work to create a mantel with respect to planned or existing architecture for the perfect match to any space. By scheduling a free consultation, you can learn more about our faux fireplace mantel options.

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