When to Use a Faux Fireplace Mantel

When you first wake up in the morning and take a walk through the house, most people want to feel completely at home. They want to see something beautiful and cozy, and nothing drives that sentiment home like a luxurious fireplace and mantel. However, not all houses are built alike and some circumstances may limit one’s ability to install a properly recessed mantel in their home, the most common reason being the fact that the home lacks an actual fireplace. Fortunately, if you find yourself falling into this category, the possibility of restoring the look of your home is not out of reach; consider the possibility of having a faux fireplace mantel installed, an option that brings all the lavish beauty of a mantel into your home at a fraction of the cost.

A faux fireplace mantel is just what it sounds like: you take a previously blank wall and outfit it with what appears to be a recessed fireplace and mantel but what is in actuality an illusion, unlike a regular mantel which is simply built around a previously-existing fireplace. It’s a great way to open up the space in your home, updating not only the aesthetic beauty of the room but also also giving you the additional benefit of some shelving space along the top and sides if desired. Unlike an ordinary mantel, which must stringently adhere to the dimensions of the fireplace that is already build into the wall, faux fireplace mantels give you the freedom to fully customize the final product according to the space and design available to you in your location of choice – whether you want a significantly recessed faux mantel or one pressed up flat against the wall is totally up to you. This goes double for choice in material, as you are building it up from scratch rather than trying to match what was already there before. This renovation is quite desirable for many reasons, even if your intention is not to maintain the illusion that you have a real, working fireplace in your home. Many modern interpretations of the concept shy away from that school of thought entirely, in favor of a more contemporary, deconstructed look.

Every living room needs a centerpiece to gather the family around – it’s almost as important as the dining room table. If you think that your home lacks this essential place of bonding and feel limited by the options you see available to you, give us a call and schedule a consultation. It really makes a world of difference.