When to Remodel Your Fireplace

When to Remodel Your FireplaceIf you have had the same fireplace for many years, it may be time to consider remodeling it.

Many times parents that have children who have all gone off to college start to feel the need to rethink their home furnishings. While that charming gold wallpaper and tile fireplace mantel from the 80s served your family well during many holiday get-togethers, it is most likely starting to look dated. Nothing starts a new chapter for your home off right like modernizing the fireplace. Replace your existing design with a sleek modern one, focusing on smooth lines and geometrical patterns. A nice white marble mantel that is rounded at the edges can really open up the room.

Maybe you have had a traditional limestone mantel design with nice intricate carvings in your dining room for quite some time now. You know you want to change the design, but you are just not sure which direction to go with it. A nice rustic fireplace mantel design can bring a touch of nature into your home. Cast stone with earth tones can make it feel like you have your own private lodge in the middle of the wilderness.

The best time to remodel is whenever you are feeling restless with your current design. The fireplace is the centerpiece of any room, and remodeling the fireplace can inspire you to reimagine the entire house.

Our expert in fireplace remodel in Orange County can give you a hand with more ideas for how to best remodel your fireplace.

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