When to Faux Fireplace Mantels and Their Uses

Many of us are old enough to recall a time when the term ‘faux fireplace’ meant corrugated cardboard painted to look like bricks propped up next to your Christmas tree. Today’s faux fireplace mantels come in a massive variety of colors, styles, materials, and finishes. It is virtually impossible to tell a faux fireplace mantel from that of a working fireplace. Here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels, we can offer you the best selection and expert customer assistance to help make your faux fireplace project come to life.

Although faux fireplace mantels create an elevated and polished look to any room, it is important to remember that safety should be your number one concern. You should never use a faux fireplace for a real fire. This is because, even though today’s faux fireplace mantels look remarkably authentic, building a fire in one would pose a very legitimate danger of serious damage.

Faux fireplace mantels are quite helpful design elements, especially for those who do not want to make the investment in time and money of installing a working fireplace and the necessary chimney and ventilation.

A great many of our customers have a large empty space that seems to cry out for a beautifully dramatic touch. This is when adding a faux fireplace brings a sense of balance and harmony to a space.

A room that seems cold and impersonal is another area for a faux fireplace. Even an ultra-modern décor benefits from the welcoming presence of a faux fireplace mantel.

Our customers are fond of the fact that a faux fireplace mantel can be practical as well as beautiful. The space can be a central location for family mementos, photographs, or books. It is also a place where works of art are displayed.

A faux fireplace mantel has the power to transform any room of your home, adding depth and becoming a beautiful focal point. If you think a faux fireplace mantel is what you need to give your home a finished look, contact us at SoCal Fireplace Mantels to schedule your free consultation. Our experts can create the fireplace mantel of your dreams.