When to Choose Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

When to Choose Contemporary Fireplace MantelsWhen choosing the right fireplace mantel, it can be difficult to select from all of the available options. While a classic-styled mantel is a great choice when you want your fireplace to be the focal point of your room, you may not wish for eyes to be drawn elsewhere in your decor. Otherwise, if you wish for your fireplace to better blend in with your existing home furnishings, you may want to consider choosing a fireplace mantel with a more contemporary style.

Contemporary fireplace mantels are more updated and modern than the extravagant appearance often seen with other styles. A contemporary look more readily fits in today’s home or office settings, and it is better suited to coordinate with modern furnishings. The lines in a contemporary fireplace mantel are a lot cleaner with simpler styling in any engravings. While you are free to choose from traditional fireplace colors, such as cream or white, a mantel with a more contemporary style is often suited to stand-out with color options that may include red, maroon, blue, yellow, green, or even a combination.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels is a leading provider of contemporary fireplace mantels in Los Angeles. Stop into the showroom to take a look at the wide variety of mantels. We have a variety for you to find one that will suit your personal tastes and the decor in your home or your office. For a more personalized option, you can speak with a design expert to help you to create your own customized contemporary fireplace mantel.

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