When to Choose a Contemporary Fireplace Mantel

When to Choose a Contemporary Fireplace MantelThe fireplace is often a forgotten element in a room, especially when it is not being used during warmer months. Choosing an appropriate fireplace surround or mantel is a great way to add depth and personality to a room while emphasizing a warm and inviting focal point.

With all of the options available in fireplace mantels, it might be difficult to decide on a style you can live with on a long term basis. Those who do not want to detract from an existing look and feel from their decor may not wish a more elaborate or detailed mantel. If you are an individual whose styles and tastes change frequently, the decision becomes even more difficult as you need to choose a style you can live with for many years to come.

This is when contemporary fireplace mantels may be the best choice. Simple designs and clean lines give a more minimalistic appearance to the fireplace. This look can help emphasize the material used in constructing the mantel. Mantels that are more contemporary in style add a focal point to the fireplace without detracting from the overall look and existing design features of the room. With contemporary fireplace surround choices, the room can be updated and redesigned without the need to change out the entire mantel.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels offers an extensive selection of mantel on display in a variety of materials and color options. Customized options are also available by speaking with one of our designers experienced in contemporary designed mantels.

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