When to Buy a Traditional Fireplace Mantel

When you are looking for a good provider of fireplace mantels in Orange County, you want not only quality, but a large selection of mantels in different styles and color options to choose from. With all of the design options available, one of the most commonly purchased styles remains the traditional fireplace mantel.

With smooth, simple lines, the traditional fireplace mantel may also include basic carved designs. The ledge of the mantel is slightly prominent, providing plenty of room to display your favorite collectibles or seasonal arrangements. Traditional fireplace mantels are typically made from marble with its natural grain and color vein patterns. However, cast stone is also a popular option for a traditional style, for a more personalized option regarding carvings and color.

The traditional mantel remains a popular choice due to its versatility in placement. You might wish to buy a traditional fireplace mantel if you prefer a more casual style that is reflected in your furnishings. This style of mantel is additionally well-suited to rooms that portray an understated elegance. The traditional mantel also works well for rooms with a more classic look. Additionally, if you like to change your furnishings and surroundings on a regular basis, a traditional fireplace mantel is the choice for you.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels, provider of traditional fireplace mantels in Orange County, offers a large selection of various styles of mantels, with the option to have a mantel custom-designed for your own personalized style needs.

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