When to Add a Fireplace Mantel

When to Add a Fireplace MantelWhile it is possible to have a fireplace without a mantel, not having a mantel is certainly a missed interior design opportunity. Fireplace mantels can singlehandedly transform the dynamic of any room.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to picking a fireplace mantel. Some people like to pick a fireplace mantel that seamlessly integrates into the room. A traditional fireplace mantel set in limestone with modest carvings and designs works nicely for this approach. Others want to make an artistic statement with their selection of a fireplace mantel. The addition of a bright red modern style mantel into an otherwise uneventful beige room can really spark up a conversation.

Sometimes people want to bring the outdoors inside with a rustic style fireplace mantel. The emphasis here is on earth tones and evoking nature through design and carvings. A mantel carved like the veins of a leaf that is accented by designs of pine cones and acorns can be a nice touch.

Mantels are also useful for decoration and storage. Many people use mantels to decorate for the holidays or to celebrate the different seasons. If you have bookshelves and cabinets in the room and need more storage space, a mantel is the perfect place to store a small library or old family photos.

With mantels, there are so many choices available to the customer that it can be hard to know where to begin. If you need any help finding the mantel that is right for your needs, contact our provider of fireplace mantels in Los Angeles for more information.

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