What You Should Know about Fireplace Hearths

If you are looking at new fireplace mantels in Orange County, do not forget to see if your hearth needs to be updated as well. While the words “mantel” and “hearth” are often used interchangeably, they are actually two different parts of your fireplace.

Both the hearth and the mantel offer heat protection from a fire burning in a fireplace, but they protect different areas in an around the fireplace. The mantel is the part that is built outside of the fireplace, above the opening to the fireplace. The hearth is the area inside the fireplace exposed to the heat and flames and extends into the room on the floor area.

While the mantel offers some heat protection to the walls surrounding the fireplace, most people consider mantels for their decorative qualities. A hearth is more functional. There are different specifications that the hearth must meet to be in compliance with safety standards for your geographical area. These standards include the specific materials the hearth is made out of, how far into the room the hearth must extend, and how thick the hearth has to be.

SoCal is a leading provider of both fireplace mantels and fireplace hearths in Orange County. If you are in the market for a new fireplace mantel, consider a new hearth that is up-to-date to increase the safety and appearance of your home.

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