What to Consider When Getting a Rustic Fireplace Mantel

At So Cal Fireplace Mantels, we work with many clients who are interested in adding a rustic fireplace mantel to their home. We have many options to offer you if you would like to add a rustic mantel to your home. Rustic and farmhouse décor are hot trends in the design world right now, and the rustic look compliments many styles.

In addition to farmhouse style, rustic mantels look lovely for cabin or cottage motifs. A rustic mantel can blend into a traditional style home, just be conscious of the proportions of the mantel as it compares to the rest of the room. A uniquely bold and exciting look is to use rustic elements, like mantels, to contrast with the edgy look of modern lofts. If you are thinking about adding a rustic mantel, there are a few details to consider.

Most importantly, identify what the term rustic means to you. Some of our customers feel that a piece is rustic if it is a historical piece, such as a mantel reclaimed from an old cabin or made from beams salvaged from an 18th-century barn. Others have a more inclusive idea of what rustic means. They believe that any mantles made from natural materials which are not sleek and polished are rustic.

Another consideration when planning for a rustic mantel is the material used for the mantel. Wood, especially rough-hewn wood, natural stone, and distressed metal are all perfect materials for a rustic mantel.

You also need to think about the size of the mantel. Rustic pieces can seem cumbersome because of dense natural materials. Be sure to keep the mantel in proportion with the rest of your space. Additionally, be sure that the wall meant to hold your mantel is strong enough to bear the weight of a heavy rustic mantel.

Whatever, you imagine as your perfect rustic mantel, our designers and artisans at So Cal Fireplace Mantels can turn your vision into reality.