What to Consider When Designing a Custom Fireplace Mantel

What to Consider When Designing a Custom Fireplace MantelIf you are looking to add a mantel to your fireplace or even if you are considering replacing an existing mantel, there are several factors to consider when designing a custom fireplace mantel.

Modern fireplace mantels are available in a variety of styles, designs, textures, and colors that can fit with the theme of your room. A variety of materials, both natural and synthetic, can be used to help create the look you want.

First of all, it is important to consider if you wish your new custom made mantel to be the focal point of the room or if you would prefer that it blends in more with the existing theme. This should help you to determine some of the other available options to choose from.

You will need to decide the material you wish your mantel to be made from. Custom fireplace mantels can be designed from synthetic materials, wood, stone, limestone, marble, and many other materials. You can choose a minimalistic look or perhaps a more ornate design. Textures can be varied for the mantel as well as coloring. These features may be selected to blend in with your existing décor or to stand out for focus and mood.

Once you have considered many of the features you would like to see in your custom designed fireplace mantel, you can decide if you would like the addition of an overmantel or other decorative features and accessories to complete the look and overall effect of your fireplace mantel.

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