What is a Fireplace Hearth?

In its simplest terms, a fireplace hearth is a non-combustible material that serves as the bottom of the fireplace and where the wood sits to burn. In the early days of fireplace hearths, the area was an ideal place to keep food warm or to dry wet clothing. As fireplaces took on a more decorative role in homes, the hearth is still a lovely element for all fireplaces, even gas fireplaces.

There are three hearth positions that differ in relation to the firebox (the opening or hole in the wall that surrounds the fire on three sides.) These are all equally appropriate for wood burning fireplaces. Our designers will work with you as you make a choice that compliments your décor.

1. RAISED FIREBOX– This style has a hearth situated below the firebox of the fireplace.
2. FLUSH HEARTH– A flush hearth (as the name suggests) is level or flush with the fireplace’s firebox.
3. RAISED HEARTH– The raised hearth sits slightly above the firebox. This is the most useful hearth for safeguarding against errant logs or embers.

Here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels, our design team has many years of experience with creating strong and beautiful hearths. The initial purpose of a hearth for a wood burning fireplace is to collect leftover ashes as well as to protect the room from damage due to sparks, burning embers, radiant heat, or burning logs. Our area has several requirements and regulations for new and remodeled hearths. You can relax knowing we know and understand the local specifications for your hearth.

If you are interested in seeing design options for a new hearth or you would like a quote on repairing or refurbishing an existing hearth, feel free to contact us. We are happy to speak with you and schedule an appointment with one of our design professionals.