What Do Traditional Fireplace Mantels Look Like?

What Do Traditional Fireplace Mantels Look Like?Contemporary mantels are as popular as ever, but many homeowners still appreciate traditional designs. Like the fireplace itself, the traditional mantel can add an old-fashioned charm to any living room. Here is a look at the basic look you can expect from a traditional mantel.

Form of Traditional Mantels

The shape of mantels in the traditional category is often characterized by squares. A grand appearance, often involving the mantel extending outwards from the fireplace, is common. Atop the traditional mantel, there tends to be ample room for vases, picture frames, and other decorations. Many traditional mantels, whatever the material, also include ornate carvings, which cast distinctive shadows.

Traditional Mantel Materials

Many materials are used to make traditional fireplace mantels, but some are more common than others. These mantels are frequently made of stone, a durable material available in many grains and colors. Stone mantels can be found in elaborate shapes and colors to match the surrounding space. Another common material in traditional mantels is wood, which can be stained or painted for different visual effects. Brick is yet another material often used. For a rustic look, salvaged bricks are a great choice.

Homes that look best with traditional mantels are frequently styled to match, but these mantels can also add a pleasing contrast to more innovative living spaces. With custom mantels, traditional elements can also be combined with contemporary ones. Clients can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels to learn more about our traditional designs.

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