What Distinguishes Modern Fireplace Mantels?

What Distinguishes Modern Fireplace Mantels?The fireplace sets the tone in a home or office in more ways than one. For a home living room, it is common to gather around the fireplace for meals, holidays, or simply to relax with loved ones. It also sets the decorative tone of any room. An increasingly popular way to add refinement to your fireplace is by using a modern fireplace mantel.

Modern fireplace mantles tend to eschew elaborate carvings and designs in favor of a more minimalist approach. Straight lines and clean angles are very much in vogue with modern fireplace mantels, making square and rectangle designs common. Sometimes corners can be rounded ever so slightly for a dramatic flair. Triangular designs allow for a more playful take, while still keeping a somber feel to the mantel.

Natural stones, such as limestone and marble, can be used to convey a look of strength and beauty. While some natural stone can be more prone to damage if it is not maintained properly, the earthen accent that natural stone offers makes it a very popular choice. Cast stones allow for more variation on color, shape, and texture. A rougher texture can give a modern fireplace mantel a touch of rustic appeal, if it is desired.

With modern fireplace mantels, the focus is on keeping everything streamlined and efficient. Some people choose to place a modern fireplace mantel, because they find it less distracting than an ornate model. As the design is usually simple, this means that any decoration placed around it will be further highlighted. Modern fireplace mantels are not designed to detract from the rest of the room, but to ensure optimal flow.

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