What Distinguishes Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

What Distinguishes Contemporary Fireplace MantelsAs the frames of fireplaces, mantels act as celebrated centerpieces in addition to offering structural support. Modern homes, employing contemporary construction and interior design, can be fitted with complementary fireplace mantels for an even more impressive effect. Here is a look at what makes contemporary fireplace mantels so unique.

Modern Design Elements

Minimalism is critical to contemporary decoration of homes, including the area surrounding the fireplace. Tasteful combinations of lines, colors, and textures work perfectly with modern styles of living rooms. Whether homeowners prefer a sleek, low-profile mantel or a larger, more distinctive one, the elegance of contemporary architecture will be present in its styling. Glass fronts, unique shapes, and industrial elements provide the basis for complete customization of this installation.

Modern Materials

In contrast to some rustic mantels, contemporary types tend to use finished materials rather than rough ones. Instead of including re-purposed railroad ties, for example, a contemporary mantel may use precisely formed and finished hardwoods. Marble, available in a host of unique patterns, is another popular choice for mantel construction. Brushed or polished stainless steel, a luxurious-looking but resilient metal, can also be used to frame mantels alone or in combination with other materials.

If your home is decorated and furnished in line with contemporary trends, the right mantel for your living room should share similar design ideals. With many customization options, there are few limits to how your new contemporary fireplace mantel can look. You can contact SoCal Fireplace Mantels to learn about our options for your home.

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