What are Rustic Fireplace Mantels?

What are Rustic Fireplace Mantels?It can be difficult to decide on a new fireplace mantel with all of the available styles and design options. If you are looking for a fireplace mantel for a den, office, or a place that you wish to maintain a relaxing environment, you may want to look at rustic fireplace mantels in Orange County.

A fireplace mantel that has rustic features portrays a simple and cozy appearance. There is very little in the way of carvings or detail work, unless it is to portray the appearance of natural stone textures. A rustic-styled mantel may be large and over-sized to resemble those mantels of days in the past when people built their own mantels out of large stones.

Rustic fireplace mantels tend to use colors found in nature rather than more elaborate coloring. You can typically find colors such as natural, tans, browns, and grays in a rustic-styled mantel.

Although a rustic fireplace mantel may not display intricate designs or carvings, subtle design features may be present. Natural stone textures are typically preferred.

A rustic mantel is best selected when you wish your mantel to blend in with your decor. This style of mantel works well with soft, comfortable furnishings or a style that has a country charm. A rustic fireplace mantel can work well in an office waiting area or in a conference room with a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

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