What are French Fireplace Mantels?

IMG_0149_fs25testIt can be difficult to choose from all of the fireplace mantels available when you want to update your fireplace appearance. With French fireplace mantels, you will never get the same style, as they are suitable for nearly any decor.

French fireplace mantels easily set themselves apart with their typically lower and deeper bodies. Their wide variety of styles, from clean and simple, to elaborate and decorative, will have you looking for the right mantel for your fireplace.

The Rococo Baroque style is highly ornate for the most elegant settings. Scrolled legs on the sides are topped with serpentine scroll work and often intricate detailing, consisting of garlands, flowers, or fruits. Typically, these lead to a large, center fan with a fleur-de-lis shape.

Neoclassical French mantels have cleaner lines and are sometimes more symmetrical than the Rococo styles. While many details are similar with the use of garlands, wreaths, and medallions, the neoclassical style is considered more linear and created to resemble classic Greek or Roman architecture.

French country mantels use cleaner, softer lines, and offer delicate carvings that do not detract from the overall design of the mantel. Typical carvings include garlands, floral workings, and shells.

If you are looking for French fireplace mantels in Orange County, stop in to SoCal Fireplace Mantels for a large selection of designs and styles to choose from. If you cannot find the right mantel for your decor, then you have the option of working with a design expert to create a custom mantel for your home or office.

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