What are French-Country Mantels?

What are French-Country Mantels?Enhancing your home with a fireplace mantel requires finding the right style for you. While many mantels offer contemporary styling, traditional types remain popular. Among the top traditional mantel styles are French-country mantels. Fine contours, mild coloring, and understated elegance can make this mantel ideal for the right living space. Learning more about this mantel style may inspire you to consider this option as you look into custom fireplace mantels.

French-Country Mantels

A key characteristic of these mantels is the rounded arch located over the hearth. In many cases, French-country fireplace mantels also have curved lines along their sides, accentuating the fireplace in the middle. Various engraved patterns and shapes, such as vines and flowers, may also be added as a final touch depending on the design.

Coloration and Materials of French-Country Mantels

Like other custom mantels, French-country designs offer an extensive palette to match the room where they are installed. However, light tones are most frequently seen on this type, with common colors being white, yellow, or a light cream. Materials used on these mantels are similarly muted. Different types of stone, including cast and natural choices, work perfectly with this style.

A broad range of custom mantels, including French-country types, are offered by SoCal Fireplace Mantels. Shape, materials, and coloring can be chosen by customers to match their goals for their living space. If you want to explore your options for a custom fireplace mantel, you can contact our company and schedule a free consultation with an expert.

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