What are French Country Fireplace Mantels?

What are French Country Fireplace Mantels?There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right fireplace mantel for your home. You might choose your mantel based on individual style and personal preference, or you might decide to choose your new mantel based on the overall decor and design features of the room.

If you wish for your fireplace mantel to add a touch of elegance yet remain neutral, only offering a soft influence on the overall ambiance of the room, you may wish to choose a French Country fireplace mantel to meet your needs.

The traditional French style of mantel has a slightly rounded arch above the fireplace, with the possible addition of gentle curves on the sides as well. However, updated styles of the French Country look have straight, clean lines. Delicate engravings may include vines, flowers, or shells, or may involve minimal detailing in more geometric or scrolling shapes.

The French Country look uses lighter colored materials for a more neutral appearance, with great choices being cream, white, yellow, or light green. The finished look also depends on the materials used, with natural and cast stone options being favored for this styling.

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