What are Fireplace Hearths Used for?

When looking for a fireplace mantel in Orange County, you may want to consider looking at hearths for your fireplace as well. While the terms hearth and mantel are regularly used to mean the same thing, they are actually two very distinct parts of the fireplace.

The mantel is the area that surrounds the outside walls of the fireplace that are very visible in the room. The mantel typically surrounds the two sides and above the fireplace. The hearth is what is found inside the fireplace, and typically extends into the room at the floor area.

Fireplace hearths are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures that occur in the fireplace while it is in use to keep the fire from spreading beyond the fireplace and to protect the home’s interior. The floor of the hearth also extends into room for added protection against burning embers.

When choosing a new hearth for your fireplace, you need to follow the local regulations. There are guidelines in place that state how far into the room the hearth must extend for adequate protection. A good hearth and mantel provider is aware of these regulations and will only offer you products that meet the necessary safety requirements and regulations.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels is a leading provider of both mantels and fireplace hearths in Orange County. You can choose from a large selection of available options in the showroom, or you may choose to have your hearth or mantel custom made to meet your exact specifications.

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