What are Faux Mantels?

What are Faux MantelsA fireplace draws the eye and is the natural focal point of the room. However, you do not need a crackling fire to draw the eye. Residents without a fireplace can add a faux fireplace mantel to enjoy all of the design elements and beauty of a fireplace mantel without the hassle of putting in a fireplace. Faux fireplace mantels are mantels that are added to the wall without a fireplace behind them.

The idea of a faux fireplace mantel may seem unfamiliar at first, but the design benefits for the room are numerous. The gorgeous design elements and details of the mantel shine through even more without the fireplace to distract the eye. In addition, a faux mantel is an opportunity to be creative. Home and business owners have added a picture, a storage space, or even an aquarium or terrarium behind the fireplace mantel for a startling design element that is sure to become a conversation piece.

For ideas about adding a faux fireplace mantel, stop by the SoCal fireplace mantels showroom in Van Nuys, or call to have a catalog sent right to your home. Alternatively, call to inquire about having one of our skilled design representatives come to your home to help you custom create a faux mantel just for your home or business.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels is the premiere source for all of your fireplace mantel needs. Let our knowledgeable representatives show you why we are the most trusted source for fireplace mantels, faux mantels, and precast architectural products in Southern California.

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