What are Country Stone Fireplace Mantels?

What are Country Stone Fireplace Mantels?If you are looking for a new mantel for you fireplace, you might want to consider a country stone fireplace mantel. This style of mantel is popular in rooms where you would like a cozy appearance and feel, such as in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and in business offices.

A country stone fireplace mantel often is made of individual stones or can be cast of materials that are designed to resemble real stone at a fraction of the cost with easier cleaning and maintenance than with real stone. The point of a country stone mantel is that it has more of a simple or rustic appearance.

If the decor in your room screams comfort and relaxation, a country stone style may work very well for you. While the look of this mantel style can be stunning in its rough and rustic appeal, it can also blend in well with the environment.

Another take on the country stone mantel is the French Country stone fireplace mantel. This style is simple, with clean lines and delicate carvings of leaves, shells, or other items from nature. A French Country stone mantel can work well in relaxed settings or for simple elegance in more elaborate environments.

If this sounds like a style that would interest you, you can find country stone fireplace mantels in Orange County at SoCal Fireplace Mantels. You can choose from the styles already available in the showroom or you may decide that you’d rather have your country mantel custom made.

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