Uses of Fireplace Screens

Uses of Fireplace ScreensIf you have a custom fireplace mantel or are preparing to get one, you may be considering accessories to go with it. Among the possibilities, fireplace screens could easily be the most important. Not only do these screens play an important part in safety, they can also offer decorative value. Here is more about how you can use fireplace screens.

Fireplace Safety

If you do not have a fireplace screen, you are facing an unnecessary fire risk from embers popping out of your fireplace into your living space. Embers may fly outwards in a few ways, including from burning logs falling in the fire and drafts coming down the chimney. If you put a screen in front of your fireplace, those embers will not be able to enter your living space and burn anyone.

Aesthetic Value

Many fireplace screens are available to complement your fireplace and living room. Any of several durable screen materials, such as wrought iron, can be chosen to match any hearth or mantel. Wrought iron fireplace screens can be shaped in countless ways and will retain their distinctive, rustic color for a lifetime.

If you have a fireplace, you need a fireplace screen. Why not get a custom screen to match your custom mantel? At SoCal Fireplace Mantels, you can get an entire, coherent package that matches your home decor. You can contact our company to learn more about our fireplace screens, including custom options and pairings for popular fireplace mantel styles.

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