Use of Marble in Fireplace Mantels

You will have many options when you are deciding on a new fireplace mantel. Aside from the size and style, choosing a material to bring your dreams to life will be a big part of your creation.

Marble is a perennial choice for many aspects of home design, including fireplace mantels. In fact, marble is the choice of builders and designers for thousands of years. The designers at So Cal Fireplace Mantels frequently use marble when creating custom pieces for customers. Here are several reasons to use marble for a fireplace mantel.

• Options- White is no longer the only color choice for a marble fireplace mantel. People often believe that white is the single available color when working with marble. However, high- quality marble comes in many beautiful colors, such as grey, beige, peach, rose, and black. Additionally, you have the choice of a semi-gloss or a high gloss finish for your fireplace mantel.

• Durability- A marble fireplace mantel will grace your home for many years. You can depend on the strength of marble to resist heat and other kinds of wear.

• Customizes easily- Marble is a perfect canvass for any style fireplace mantel. It accents design intricacies for everything from elaborate Baroque cherubs to sleek modern geometric patterns in a way that is unmatched by other materials.

• Easy to maintain- There is a prevalent misconception that marble is difficult to maintain. A marble mantel requires very little daily care. Just dusting the marble or wiping it with a soft damp cloth will keep your fireplace mantel looking new.

• Compatibility- A marble fireplace mantel looks lovely with nearly every décor and compliments any room in your home.

Marble fireplace mantels are a perfect way to personalize your fireplace mantel as well as your home. Our design experts will help you create a mantel that will fit your style and become a stunning focal point of the room.