Traditional Styles of Fireplace Mantels

In interior design, as in fashion trends tend to cycle with some regularity. Here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels, we see a resurgence of interest in traditional fireplace mantels. We believe customers understand that a traditional mantel adds a great deal of flexibility to their décor.

The hallmarks of this style are clean lines and tapered sides. Aside from this, you have a great deal of flexibility when choosing a traditional fireplace mantel.

A popular option which many of our customer’s request is the rustic beauty of a reclaimed wood shelf mantel. The simple charm of a wood mantel adds a graceful element to a cabin or farmhouse interior. This is a perfect spot for lovely photographs

Paring several small shelves with a small accent mantel gives a classic look that is particularly well suited to electric fireplaces. The look you want is further highlighted by what pieces you choose for decorating the mantel and shelves. Choosing a bold contrasting color for mantel and shelves will add a modern feel to your fireplace as will leaving the mantel and shelves empty or nearly empty.

Using a white or off-white surround mantel creates a comfortable and homey feel to a room. These mantels look lovely as contrasting, complimenting, or matching colors with the rest of your room. For a very traditional look, add a painting or mirror above the mantel and top with a clock, candlesticks or family photos. Create unique interest by using a variety of picture frames in complementary colors and different shapes and sizes.

To enhance a Bohemian setting, consider working with various colors as well as metal accents. Pure, unfinished wood makes an excellent foundation for colorful and fun-loving ceramics or pottery. Antiques are right at home in a Bohemian setting. Pieces like birdcages, candelabra, or ornate clocks can be combined with bright dresser scarves to make a one of a kind focal point.

Our designers here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels are skilled in making design dreams into reality. Contact us if you would like to learn more about traditional mantels or to look at some of your options.