Tips for Fireplace Remodels

Tips for Fireplace RemodelsRemodeling your fireplace can do wonders when you want to change the overall appearance of a room. You may be looking for a temporary change, like changing the decorations on your mantel, or you may wish to replace your mantel entirely for a completely new look.

Most people wish to keep their existing mantel, but are focused on changing the décor around it or on it for different seasons or holidays. For longevity, avoid using sticky or tacky materials to attach decorations directly to the mantel. If you must attach anything to the mantel, it is best to have a professional install hooks directly or to attach the decorations to the wall around the mantel.

If you wish to replace your entire mantel, it is important that you choose a professional service that keeps updated on the current regulations and codes regarding fireplaces in your area. You may find that you need to replace the hearth, as well, if it no longer meets the guidelines.

Make sure to have a professional on hand to check for proper dimensions or to be available for consultation to guide you through the measurement process. Additionally, if you will be installing the mantel yourself, follow any and all directions precisely.

SoCal Fireplace Mantels have a lot of quality information regarding a fireplace remodel in Los Angeles. Whether you need assistance in installing hooks, painting your current mantel, or with selecting a new mantel, you can find what you need from our skilled staff on hand.

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