Tips for Customizing Fireplace Doors

Tips for Customizing Fireplace DoorsThe door of your fireplace plays as large a part in its style as the mantel. Not only can you choose from an array of unique fireplace doors, but you can also have custom doors made to match your vision for this addition to your home. Here are some of the ways that you can customize your fireplace doors.

Cast-Iron Doors

Cast iron is a traditional choice for fireplace doors, but it also has its place in contemporary design. Depending on your design goals, you may prefer old-fashioned cast iron shapes based on foliage or more modern geometric shapes.

Glass Doors

Glass is one of the most popular choices for contemporary living rooms. With a glass door for your fireplace, you can enjoy watching your fire as you warm up on cool nights. If you burn wood in your fireplace, glass will also let you tell at a glance when to add more.

Unique Shapes

A host of materials, including cast iron, brass, and steel can be shaped on a custom basis. Trees, flowers, and even words can be crafted into custom fireplace doors this way. The exterior shape can be adjusted along with interior shapes for silhouetting against the fire.

Doors add even more opportunity to customize your new fireplace. With the unlimited options provided to match our fireplace surrounds, you can count on having doors that work perfectly with the motif you have in mind.

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