Tips for Cleaning Fireplace Mantels

Tips for Cleaning Fireplace MantelsKeeping fireplace mantels clean is an important step in maintaining the aesthetics of your room. Dust and grim will naturally accumulate even if you never lit your fireplace, but by using it, dirt accumulates even more quickly. If you are not diligent about cleaning your fireplace mantel, the dust can seep into the finish of the mantel and permanently damage it.

If your stone fireplace mantel has been recently cleaned, you may be able to spot clean it by using a clean white towel and warm water. Dust can also be removed with a duster that attracts dirt, like an electrostatic duster. If there is dirt that has accumulated, you may need to mix three parts water with one part mild detergent to get it clean. It is important to avoid both acid-based and alkaline-based cleaners, as both types of cleaner can cause irreparable harm to your mantel. For a real tough clean, it is recommended that you use special products designed to clean concrete and masonry.

Lastly, if something has spilled onto your fireplace mantel, you should try to clean it up as soon as possible. Make sure to only blot the spill, as wiping it can cause the liquid to seep even further into the fireplace mantel material. For stains that have set into the stone, diluted ammonia or hydrogen peroxide solutions, with four parts water and one part chemical, have been known to work well in these scenarios. Remember that natural stone, in particular, is very delicate, and you always want to check first with a professional before trying a new cleaning solution.

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