Stones Used in Contemporary Fireplace Mantels

In the world of fireplace mantel design, there really is something for everyone to love and appreciate. One of the things we enjoy the most here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels is using our skills to make our customers’ dreams come to life, regardless of their preferred style.

The contemporary design style is, by definition, always evolving. As contrasted to modern design, contemporary styles change based on what is current at the moment. It takes its cues from the ideas of the here and now. In this sense, the form has a tendency towards fluidity. While the specifics of any contemporary style may change over time, there are some basic tenants running through it that connect various eras of contemporary design.

Even though many people picture burnished or brilliant metals as a part of a contemporary fireplace design, metals are not a required element in the design genre. In many ways, using stone is preferable to working with metal in a contemporary fireplace mantel

When our mantel designers work with customers who prefer contemporary fireplace mantels, choosing the right type of stone is crucial. This is especially true if the new mantel is joining an already established contemporary interior.


• Marble- While marble is a timeless material that lends itself well to various interior design stylings, its adaptability and durability make it ideal for a contemporary design. Contemporary style is really brought out through the shape of the marble. Clean uniform lines are a must for contemporary stylings, as well as using either very light colors or dark ones.

• Granite- Thanks to modern advances, designers are able to use granite in exciting contemporary designs. Just about any color that you could want is possible with granite. However, a truly contemporary design should gain a sense of grounding from natural hues. A point that makes granite ideal for so many design options is durability. Once you achieve your ideal mantel, it will last for years.

• Limestone- This stone is a popular choice for numerous fireplace mantel styles, including contemporary design style. It provides instant grounding because of its neutral colors and is very adaptable.

Here at SoCal Fireplace Mantels, we have the talent and the materials to create a contemporary fireplace that will be a gleaming focal point in your home.